Mall of Cyprus

Located off the A1 on the main route into Nicosia and next to the central stores of IKEA, Super Home Centre, Volvo, Mercedes and Nissan, the Mall of Cyprus draws 5 million visits a year from across the island to its 27,000sqm of shops, Food Court and cinemas.

Digital Networks g

It takes 30 seconds to go up or down the escalator, which means minimum 30 seconds captured audience for DAS digital adverts. A package of 2 DAS located top and bottom of escalators maximizes tactical campaigns, securing 100% of shoppers using the escalators. Looping is every 10 seconds and we keep adverts to a max of 7 even during peak shopping periods.

Iconic Displays

Iconic Displays are uniquely designed to draw the attention of the audiences visiting a Shopping Mall. They are located in places with high dwell times and their sheer size can help any advertiser elevate their brand. Whilst being visually appealing and unmissable, their unique capabilities can help your brand be head-on to the audience.


With more than 90% of the visitors arriving at the Mall by car, our Outdoor locations offer a unique opportunity for advertisers to target them in a closed and engaging environment.