Ad Board has a massive presence in all major cities around Cyprus offering an ubiquitous presence of a different type of advertising displays. Our research studies indicate towards a strong trend with people spending more and more time out-of-home. ‘In-home’ media are becoming less and less effective to target mass audience.

AdBoard Media has a very balanced media mix, with a number of formats in the busiest city routes and down town centres, providing the best GRPs for any brand campaign.

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Shopping Malls

With 80% of Mall shoppers making at least one purchase and with an average spend time of 75 minutes in a Mall, the advantages of location and footfall are effective if properly planned. Many international brands build campaigns specifically for Malls often spanning 3 years, whilst smaller businesses advertise in Malls for precise promotional exposure. Whatever your goal, let the AdBoard Media Malls team put together a focused and flexible package – ensuring every message hits its target.

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All studies agree that customers react and are influenced by prolonged and repeated exposure to adverts. A sports stadium has the ultimate captured audience staying for over 2 hours per game with most fans attending multiple games in the season. The stadium is seen as an emotionally charged atmosphere; the ideal scenario for advertising. However, distraction by the game means that a bold branding approach must be taken in sports advertising, hence AdBoard Media’s formats in GSP stadium, the largest stadium in Cyprus, being designed for impact, frequency and visibility.

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With IAAC there is a world of possibility for advertisers to explore amongst our airport portfolio – targeting influential passengers whilst they are in a unique mindset in our exclusive and sought-after high impact iconic sites, branding zones and digital networks.

Our international portfolio includes Cyprus, Greece, Croatia, Hungary and Malta.